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In terms of area, Dunedin is the largest city in New Zealand, and indeed the fifth largest in the world. Therefore, greater Dunedin encompasses many tourist attractions.

Our Dunedin Motel features a Full Tour Desk for Advice & Bookings - open 7 days.

Some sight-seeing tours depart from our motel if advance bookings are made through office.

A small selection of attractions we offer

Alcala Motel
Taieri Gorge Railway

This is one of the world's great train trips, taking passengers from the hustle and bustle of Dunedin's city centre to the rugged mountain interior of Central Otago and back.

Alcala Motel
Yellow Eyed Penguin Conservation Reserve

Catch a glimpse of the world’s rarest penguin and experience undisturbed activity at close range through a unique system of hides and tunnels.

Alcala Motel
The Royal Albatross Centre

View these magnificent birds on a guided tour. To sight a soaring albatross is unforgettable. Held aloft on slim wings up to 3 metres across, these great albatrosses are capable of speeds of over 100 kph.

Alcala Motel
Larnach Castle

With its exciting, sometimes scandalous, sometimes tragic history, its magnificent carved ceilings, New Zealand antiques and breathtaking views, Larnach Castle offers you a vision of the past and present.

Dunedin's history is captured in several museums. The Otago Settler's Museum focuses on the people and past of Otago, as well as the innovative developments that made colonisation easier. Visit the Otago Museum next to the University and see how Dunedin was the most pioneering and influential city of early New Zealand.

Modern culture abounds within the city limits. Experience the hospitality of the more than 140 cafes, restaurants and bars scattered throughout Dunedin. It is easy to find your niche in such places as these establishments cater for all tastes-fine French dining, Asian, Mediterranean, Latin down to the traditional Kiwi experience of fish and chips.

We invite you to stay at our Dunedin Motel, and experience all that Otago has to offer.